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          In his resignation speech at the companys headquarters in Shanghai, Chen mentioned family members several times and words like I respect their choices and I would like to spend more time with them.
          Fans have been charmed by the adventures of Conan, a high school detective who was inadvertently transformed into a child after being poisoned.
          The high demand for the handset has led to us being short-staffed at the plant, said the woman on condition of anonymity.
          Surgery and emergency rooms are the main places for attacks.
          Wenchuan County, the epicenter of the 2008 quake, sent a team of 150 rescuers to Longmen Saturday, including 20 field specialists experienced in saving lives from debris and mountain, an expertise they learned from the Wenchuan quake.
          The Communist Party of China, too, has promised to take measures to reduce food wastage and follow an austere working style.
          Despite the chilly weather, Beijing remained a magnet for domestic and foreign tourists.
          But it is not because globalization is bad.
          Following the incident, Taiwan demanded a formal apology, an investigation into the fishermans death, punishment for those found responsible and compensation for the death and the damage done to the fishing boat.
          Sun feels that both countries have their own strengths - Uzbekistan has abundant natural resources and a highly qualified labor force, while China has financial strength, powerful technological advantages and rich experience in management.
          There must be a department endowed with centralized power to control the use of the natural ecological space, Yang said.
          He added that Moscow pays special attention to all memorial events on the 70th anniversary of the victory of World War Two but no one has sent Putin a personal invitation.
          BEIJING - Home price in major Chinese cities grew at a slower pace in February, with fewer cities seeing month-on-month price rises, official data showed on Tuesday.
          During the fiscal year from Oct 1, 2011 to Sept 30, 2012, Siemens China achieved its second-best result despite challenges brought by the global economic slowdown and cooling growth of the Chinese economy.
          Telecommunications networks and power supply were affected by the quake in some regions of the quake-hit area.
          Some schools now require children to pass intelligence and physical examinations.
          To make the wine, people thresh the grain, fried it and steam it with corn.
          Liu Chang / for China DailyBeijing transportation authorities have issued a new list of items that subway passengers are banned from carrying onto the network.
          Industrial profits rose relatively fast due to a lower base last year, and the growth was overly reliant on a price rebound in raw material industries such as oil refining and iron and steel.
          Liu Qiong, a staff member at Haodekuai Pharmacy, said sales of disposable masks used by hospitals have tripled in the past few days.
          Chinas artificial intelligence (AI) market is set to boom as both the government and enterprises look to develop the sector.
          By the time Shanley was on the third floor, he said that floors ceiling had entirely collapsed.
          [Photo provided to China Daily]A1 The Belt and Road Initiative is a development strategy that not only benefits China, but also the over 60 countries along the routes and ultimately across the world.
          The port city received a UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award in 2008.
          Proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, the One Belt One Road refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiatives.
          In terms of size, quality, polish and color, this is the greatest white diamond weve ever had the privilege to sell, said Quek Chin Yeow, deputy chairman of Sothebys Asia and an international diamond expert.
          ABI Research estimates that the global market size of the segment will reach billion in 2020.
          In the past five years, more than 4,000 tenants and 40 duty-free shops selling luxury brands have entered the center.
          Children of young parents who are in their late 20s and early 30s have increasing purchasing power and they want the best for their beloved.
          At a ceremony hosted by the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, Deputy Consul General Xie Yunliang handed out the 2011 National Scholarship for Outstanding Self-Financed Chinese Students Abroad.
          Our choice is to have a respect for the sovereignty and independence and integrity of the country of Ukraine.
          They were a bit concerned, but thats all.
          A woman from the United States plays with her adopted daughter at the China Center for Childrens Welfare and Adoption.
          Tian Huilin, deputy general manager of Tianmen Mountain Tourism, one of the organizers of the competition, said the route of the competition was a stiff test of the skills of the athletes taking part, especially in terms of maintaining balance.
          January 1977 -- Zia Rahman, chief executive of Marshal Law and chief of the Army Staff of Bangladesh, visits China.
          Mao illegally refitted the truck and ran downhill in a high gear, which also contributed to the accident.
          President Xi Jinping has written to a village official in Shandong province, congratulating her on recovering from leukemia and applauding her ongoing work for the welfare of villagers.
          Its partly because its very large and it has some tempo, he said.
          Three people were later rescued from the water.
          Photo shows the Alpha 2, a half-meter-high humanoid robot.
          Frances foreign minister left for Beijing during the night after saying there was still no agreement over a proposed road map to ease the crisis, which erupted in November after Yanukovich abandoned a proposed trade deal with the European Union and turned instead towards Moscow.
          But such a small scale hardly justified the premium price, even for high-quality organic rice.
          Application materials, including identification and reference letters, are required.
          Yunnan Research Institute of Gem & Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection put forward the idea of conducting formal assessments of the quality of jade jewelry and drew up inspection standards for the jewelry in 2009.
          However, the 9th BRICS summit is taking place against the backdrop of deteriorating China-India relations following the ongoing standoff between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Donglang area of the Sikkim sector of the China-India border.
          Its hard to say if one place is worse than the other.
          A ritual to honor ancestors is held at the opening ceremony of the Qingming Cultural Festival in Kaifeng city, Henan province on April 3.

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